BNA Episode 2, Closing Dialog

Dialog is dubbed dialog. The subtitles vary from the dubbed dialogue.

At about 21:00 in episode 2. Last dialog prior to credits and ending song, "Night Running."

[Michiru watches the bus with the beastwomen pulling away.]

[Shirou approaches Michiru from behind]

[Shirou] Tell me. Just what were you doing there?

[Michiru] You were up on the building weren't you.

[Shirou] Yeah.

[Michiru turns and faces Shirou]

[Michiru (with passion, practically shouting)] So why didn't you save us when you had the chance? You knew it didn't you? You knew we were going to be sold!

[Shirou (calmly, in contrast to Michiru)] I didn't have the proof I needed. I had to be able to catch them in the act.

[Michiru (continues passionately)] And what if you didn't make it in time, huh? What if the ship had left? We could have been sold, don't you see that?!

[Long streams of tears begin flowing down Michiru's face]

[Michiru (practically shouting)] Did you even think about those kids at all?!

[Shirou (calmy)] I don't ever make mistakes. I protect beastmen and women, and the children.

[Michiru (in tears)] All the women and children? Then are you trying to tell me that men are the great ones?

[Michiru hands her student ID to Shirou, who looks at it and looks startled.]

[Michiru (essentially shouting at this point)] Look at this! I'm a human.

[Shirou examines the student ID and gives an astonished expression]

[Michiru] How can you say, "I don't make mistakes"?! Don't you see that you are wrong about that?

[Michiru (in a full shout)] I hate this stupid town and I hate beastmen! I'm gonna cure this disease and leave this town as soon as I can!

[Michiru gives a passionate groan with the hint of being on the verge of tears.]

[Shirou stares at her blankly, slightly shocked.]

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